Jurgen Klopp signs lucrative deal with Adidas despite Liverpool’s Nike contract

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Most managers simply do a smaller deal with whatever kit supplier is working with their club, that ends as soon as they move on, but Jurgen Klopp does things differently!

Liverpool have just started their partnership with Nike, which could end up being the most lucrative kit deal in football history (as we’re getting a cut of every shirt bought), but Klopp has just penned with Adidas instead.

That means on Match Days, he’ll don the official Nike touchline gear, but Adidas trainers, say the Telegraph.

Right now, Jose Mourinho is the only other manager who has a different personal deal to his club’s.

We’re surprised Nike didn’t try and nab Klopp themselves, but Adidas are a German company and obviously close to the boss’s heart.

As for the new Nike kits, we’re a big fan. They’re obviously too expensive and the difficulty in securing one is annoying, but aesthetically, they look great.

And we can’t wait for Jordan Henderson to lift some more silverware in it next term!

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