Konchesky says being from London made it harder for him and Cole at Liverpool

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Former Liverpool defender Paul Konchesky has cited ‘being a London boy’ as one of the reasons he didn’t find success on Merseyside.

One of the signings of the Roy Hodgson era at Anfield, the full-back endured an awful time with the Reds and was swiftly moved on.

Konchesky said that when a ‘massive club like Liverpool’ come calling, you can’t turn it down – but he certainly has regrets over the move up North.

When you look at Liverpool’s history as a football club, what they’ve achieved is amazing,he told Planet Football.

I loved every club I played for, but when a massive club like Liverpool come calling you can’t turn it down. The opportunity I had to go was fantastic.

In Liverpool you either support Liverpool or Everton. They love football – you’re either a red or a blue. It’s so small in Liverpool. Being from London you’re not used to how small it is because London is massive.

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You walk around in Liverpool and everybody knows you because they all love football. That was the hardest part, moving, because I didn’t realise how small it is and how in control all the football fans are.

At the time when Roy went, the club was up for sale so it probably wasn’t a good time to go. Being a London boy I struggled. I can probably speak for Joe Cole as well, I think he struggled being a London boy.

They were difficult times but it was an experience I’ll never forget. I had the privilege of going to play for what we’ll see are the Premier League champions.

It’s interesting that the size of the city seemingly caused Konchesky extra struggles, but I think I understand what he’s meaning to say.

Because Liverpool is smaller than London, and there are only two big football clubs, there is a huge focus on the players and the rivalry is perhaps more fierce.

In the capital, there are many football clubs and they’re not all small, so there is less of a wider focus on specific players and rivalries are shared.

A Crystal Palace fan isn’t going to stop and talk to a Fulham player, are they? But when half the city of Liverpool support the Reds, Konchesky will have been spotted very regularly.

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