Exclusive: Genuine Zakaria interest; How Thiago’s pride affects LFC switch & the chances of a Bosman deal – Christian Falk

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Yesterday, EOTK spoke with Bild honcho Christian Falk, one of the big name journalists when it comes to incomings and outgoings in European football.

Below, you can read the Q&A session, in which Falk reveals some interesting snippets from Liverpool’s window and what could happen going forward!

Check it out, below!

Firstly, let’s cut straight to the chase – what is happening with Thiago and do you think the Spaniard will end up at Liverpool? What is the price Liverpool want to pay?

Thiago gave an interview at the Spanish national team in which he claimed he never said he would leave Bayern. I think that was a cry for help. Because up to that point there was still no concrete offer that was deposited with FC Bayern. I know that some of the people in charge at the club were irritated by what he said. He told it to his trainer Hansi Flick. He told it Hasan Salihamidzic, the Head of Sport. And now he says something like that in public? I think Thiago overestimated his market value in the times of Corona. Bayern demand €30m. So far, no club is ready to pay that amount. But on the specific question: yes, I think he will go to Liverpool. FC Barcelona and Manchester United have not yet made a concrete offer to Bayern either.

Is there a chance the Reds could acquire him on a Bosman in January, rather than spending money on him now? 

I’ve also read about this variant. I know how proud Thiago is. If the club, that promised him a transfer now, didn’t act in the summer, it would be a kind of insult. Don’t forget: he turned down a very well-paid, fully negotiated four-year contract with FC Bayern to join this new club.

If Liverpool don’t strike now, the club will have to be prepared for Thiago to go back to FC Barcelona in the end, when he no longer costs a transfer fee in 2021. That would be bitter for Jürgen Klopp. Because Thiago is the player he wants and who he could very well need for the coming season. Thiago would probably be perfect for Liverpool.

Havertz and Werner were linked to Liverpool lots but have both ended up at Chelsea. Which club were the first-choice of the Germans, and why? And secondly –  was it purely financial reasons that meant they ended up at Stamford Bridge? 

In fact, Liverpool was Timo Werner’s first choice for a long time. The reason is: Jürgen Klopp. The coach had convinced him for Liverpool. But like now with Thiago: the club bosses did not provide the money for the transfer. Lampard was also very convincing. That’s why Werner went to Chelsea in the end.

As for Havertz, it was never really concrete between him and Liverpool, although the Reds had also shown interest to his advisors. At the time, Havertz had FC Barcelona and Real Madrid in mind. Corona also forced these two big clubs to save. Chelsea FC had the necessary sporting arguments and the money.

To blame it only for financial reasons would not be right. Chelsea have a young team with a lot of potential. This is a very interesting project for the two young Germans who want to prove themselves abroad. The rest was done by “Agent Toni” Rüdiger, who knows the two of them well from the national team.

If Liverpool do nothing in this window – surely next summer will be a massive one in terms of incomings. Which players do you see on the long-term radar of Jurgen Klopp? 

The profile of the players who are wanted is clear. This was shown in the current transfer window. Klopp needs fresh blood and competition on the wing, in the center and in central defence. If these players don’t come this summer, they’ll try in the coming season. Speculating about specific names now would not be serious. It is far too early for that.

Are there any Bundesliga bargains you can see heading to Anfield anytime soon? 

I know that Liverpool have their eyes on Zakaria of Mönchengladbach. This is a very talented player who will hit the market next year. A move to the Premiere League is easy for him to imagine.

And lastly – do you think there is any irritation from Klopp about the lack of spending at Anfield. He’s always claims publicly it’s how he wants the club to be run – and it’s not like his team have done badly – but can you see the stalling on someone like Thiago potentially frustrating him?

Of course, Klopp would be frustrated at first if his wishes were not fulfilled. But only briefly. As a German coach, he is used to the fact that a club cannot buy superstars every season. Don’t forget: his clubs before were Dortmund and Mainz. He had to be happy there if his best players weren’t bought away from him. In addition, he is so close to normal life that he knows that there are more important things in times of Corona. So don’t worry: Even without new stars, Klopp would go to work with as much passion as he would with expensive transfers.