‘Ridiculous…’ New £15 Liverpool Pay-Per-View fee slammed

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The Premier League has decide to sell some one-off games for fans to watch on television via pay-per-view services on Sky and BT.

Each match will cost supporters £15 a time, which we think is utterly ludicrous considering the overall cost of Sky and BT in the first place – and the fact that Amazon Prime now show a number of games as well – which is even more expensive on top.

James Pearce, the Liverpool correspondent for the Athletic, has branded the cost ‘ridiculous’ and we couldn’t agree more.

All this is going to do is drive more English football fans into illegally streaming matches.

A fair cost would be £5/game. We think most fans would be willing to pay that – but £15 is a real hit – considering other games of equal importance are on that day as usual on Sky and BT.

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