(Video) The Jurgen Klopp sketch on Spitting Image… is… not really that funny

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You can watch the new Spitting Image on BritBox, but the only reason we checked it out was for Jurgen Klopp’s appearance!

The Liverpool manager has been turned into a puppet alongside many celebrities and politicians, but we have to say, we’re fairly underwhelmed with his first sketch.

The joke is that he’s ludicrously positive, even in the face of Everton and Manchester United sending him faeces in the post and putting bricks through his window.

We do actually like that the best thing they could find to joke about was how good a guy Klopp is, but the writing just feels a little vanilla and a little weak.

But you’re free to make up your own minds!

The boss on spitting image! from r/LiverpoolFC

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