Dr. Zaf Iqbal tells hilarious Melwood story about Pepe Reina from Liverpool days

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Former Liverpool health professional Dr. Zaf Iqbal took part in the widespread reminiscing over Melwood this week, as the Reds depart the historic training ground for a new one in Kirkby.

Now at Crystal Palace, the doctor took to Twitter to tell a hilarious story of Spanish goalkeeper Pepe Reina who had a habit of messing around behind the scenes.

In his tweet, Iqbal wrote: ‘Lucky there weren’t cameras around the pool. Like a few others, I had the misfortune of ending up in it with clothes on, thanks to [Reina].

The Spaniard moved to sarcastically deny the claim and told the doc to ‘behave,‘ which you can see in the tweet embedded below:

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It’s honestly not a big surprise that Reina threw people into the pool at Melwood, he was always a bit of a joker, even when he was with the Spain squad.

Iqbal continued to talk about more memories of Melwood in a thread of tweets, and we’d encourage you to take a look at them and get all nostalgic.

The doc worked with Liverpool between 2010 and 2015, so expect a few mentions of Luis Suarez, Andy Carroll, Kenny Dalglish, Steven Gerrard and the God-awful ‘Being Liverpool.

Here’s a direct link to the Twitter thread.

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