Mido slams Mo Salah for gross ‘negligence,’ partying with ‘800 people’ – labels Egyptian FA ‘cowards’ for silence

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Mido, the former Spurs and Egypt striker, has hit out at Mo Salah for his positive coronavirus test and his subsequent isolation period – as well as the authorities who allowed him to go to his brother’s wedding – where he almost certainly contracted the virus.

Salah is currently isolating in a hotel room, although could be allowed to fly back to Liverpool on Thursday, should another test provide a negative result.

Premier League rules however state he will not be able to face Leicester City on Sunday regardless.

Mido thinks Salah’s decision to party with so many people – while unmasked – in a confined space – was stupid and reckless – and the Egyptian FA are pandering to him by not calling condemning his actions.

Mido told Al-Nahar TV: “I know I may be under attack after my next comments, but it has to be that way.

“Mohamed Salah made a big mistake by attending his brother’s wedding a few days before the Egyptian national team match, he showed great negligence with the steps taken to prevent the coronavirus and the result was that he was infected.

“The neglect of Mohamed Salah caused the Egyptian team to lose an important player in a very important match and time, and he also risked the health of his team-mates.

“He should not have been present at his brother’s wedding, especially at that time. The wedding included more than 800 people, and half of them accepted to embrace and kiss Salah.

“The other point here is the silence of all those responsible for the player’s negligence, which confirms the fact that the player is still bigger than the national team and this will lead to a great failure.

“Officials in Egypt did not direct any word of blame or reproach to Mohamed Salah and the harm caused by his negligence to the Egyptian team, and I name each of the Minister of Sports Ashraf Sobhi, Chairman of the EFA Amr Al-Ganayni, the coach of the national team Hossam Al-Badri, and the national team director Mohamed Barakat, all are cowards and fear Mohamed Salah fans who love the Liverpool star, but here I am speaking without calculations or fear of anyone, and what is being said should be said to me.

“No one can say that Salah did not make a mistake by going to his brother’s wedding at that difficult time and in light of the corona crisis, all the English newspapers speak against us negatively.

“Salah should have been blamed for what he did, but everyone feels fear.”

In all honesty, as much as we adore Mo, there’s part of us which thinks Mido, who often chats nonsense, is right.

When we first saw the pictures of Salah at the wedding, our first thoughts were immediately that it looked like a hotspot for a coronavirus infection, and sadly, we were correct.

We totally understand the need for footballers, like all people, to see their families – but by not wearing a mask throughout – he took a risk which clearly didn’t pay off.

Hopefully we’ll get through the Leicester game without him.

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