Unreal: Manchester City fans lose the plot on message board after LFC win: ‘It’s bent – it has to be’

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This is wonderful – and will cheer you up on a Tuesday – no doubt!

Liverpool schooled Leicester City on Sunday night – winning 3-0 and putting in one of the best performances of the season without six of our starting XI.

But on the Blue Moon message board, Manchester City fans were crying foul play – with many suggesting we’ve had a lucky season so far.

We’ve had the worst injury record of any side by a mile and have had the most negative decisions from VARs – so we’re not actually sure what this is based on other than pure jealousy!

Some of the shouts in the below tweet, which is a screenshot from the message board, are absolutely gold.

‘Liverpool will win the title easily. I hate to say it but every team bottles it when they play them…’

Hope you’re right, lad!


  1. The problem is, “Historically Man City fans just aren’t well schooled in the top level game. Sure we’ve all played footy at different levels but at the top it’s about patience and understanding of the game. And that includes understanding our rivals. Then, and only then, working out how to defeat them. Needless to say, a lot of posts on social media are by immature youngsters who definitely don’t get it, and that certainly includes Liverpool “fans” as well – sometimes I just cringe. Take Klopp’s whole approach – no one loves full throttle football more than him. But each game’s a bit like an F1 race – you need to pick your moments. Try keeping the pedal to the metal for the full race – you’ll make mistakes, run out of tyres and fuel, or just crash and burn. Not a good strategy. He’s grown to understand every aspect of running a top club, not a petro-dollars one. He has an incredible structure behind him for which you also have to give great credit to the owners. And a final point – I remember only too well the Ferguson era. It used to drive me nuts how they seemed to get results over the line. But I grew to understand that, although they didn’t always have the best 11 players on paper, they were ALWAYS hard to beat with many leaders, had a good mixture of physicality and technicality, kept it simple, usually made good decisions on the pitch, and always had pace. Overall 7/8’s out of 10 across the board in virtually every game creates consistency which breeds confidence which generally gets results week in week out. That’s what puts you in the mix at the business end of the season.”

  2. They have always been sore losers, probably due to the inferiority complex they have to their neighbours. They behave like sheep, if one plonker posts some bitter rubbish they then all follow like the good little lambs they are.

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