“The kids did really well, all of them. Neco did well, first half he defended very often. Not on his own, but he was really aggressive in these situations and could sort the situations,” he told the official website. “It is a tough task for the kids; we ask them to show up in the Champions League and play their best football and people sit there, ‘Oh, he’s good… oh, he’s not that good…’ and stuff like this. They all did well: Rhys did well, Neco did well and Curtis played again like a 26/27-year-old midfielder. They didn’t get tired during the game, which is helpful. They did really well, the kids were really good.”

We think on Saturday, James Milner will be back in at right-back, where he excelled v Leicester and Fabinho will partner Joel Matip at the back.

Jones though is likely to keep his place – perhaps alongside Gini Wijnaldum and the hopefully returning captain – Jordan Henderson.

Klopp also might choose to field all four forwards, which will mean just two of Gini, Jones and Henderson in the lineup.