(Video) Furious Klopp has big fight with Des Kelly post-match in stunning interview

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Jurgen Klopp and Des Kelly’s post-match interview today was worth the Pay Per View that the Premier League has just scrapped all on its own.

Today, Liverpool drew 1-1 with Brighton – with two goals disallowed by VAR, a dodgy penalty given by VAR and James Milner injured with a muscle problem.

Klopp entered the interview seething, and in fairness to Kelly, he got the anger out of him.

Have a listen for yourselves. Klopp’s personal attacks on Kelly are unfair, but the premise of what he’s saying is absolutely spot on.

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  1. Klopp did not attack the news reporter. He constantly said NOT you personally but the broadcasters. He is right. The only reason why the 12:30 exists is so the BTs and SKys of the world would get more air time on games thus pocketing more from fans. It’s not about police and crap stuff like that it’s about money

  2. The way and manner Brighton and Liverpool fc played out to a draw confirms my suspicion. VAR is out to help produce the programmed results. While pundits predicted 0-3 etc for Liverpool, I stumbled on something that pointed at 1-1. It is left to Arsenal to play out another 1-1 on Sunday. Am only sad because I wanted Liverpool to win. But VAR was in use to spoil the game.

  3. First, it was ‘Fergie Time’ the way the officiating conspired to disadvantage Liverpool. Now it’s VAR! Cannot catch a break with this blatant thievery!

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