(Video) Liverpool done by VAR yet again as goal ruled out for millimetres on a blurry image

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When VAR came in, fans who were sceptical about it said, ‘well, at least it sorts out offside’.

But in reality, its management of offside is VAR’s worst trait.

When the offside rule was invented, it was to stop attackers goal hanging and gaining an unfair advantage.

Mo Salah’s toe being ahead of a defender’s, in the opinion of a hand-drawn line on a blurry image, where you can’t see Roberto Firmino making the pass anyway, is not what offside is for.

But that’s what ruled out Liverpool’s first goal today. LiVARpool?! Do me a favour. No team in the land gets as many rubbishy decisions.

Have a look at this. It’s a complete joke how it keeps on happening.

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  1. These are all happening to one team but I don’t know why. VAR is becoming more useless and corrupt.

  2. VAR is offside and killing the game with ridiculous decisions and time it takes to reach a decision, let the referee and linesmen/women make the decisions for the good of the game and spectators enjoyment

  3. First it was a short sleeve now a toe sorry VAR you have to go or the referee who is monitoring needs their eyes tested

  4. Var officials are very biased against Liverpool an other teams- Man Untd, are the only team are easily awarded penalties and othe fouks freely and get away with it… UK soccer is now become boring and Var is killing the sport… FIFA must also b blamed for employing officials that are incompetent to ref. a match and spoil the game …😞😞😞

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