(Video) New angle shows VAR was clearly wrong to award penalty against Liverpool

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VAR got it wrong as Brighton and Hove Albion drew level with Liverpool in the Premier League over the weekend – a sentence which seemingly splits opinion.

A new video of the incident which led to the home side being gifted a penalty against the champions has emerged online, and there is no denying it was the wrong call.

In the clip below you can see Andy Robertson making a challenge for the ball, slightly clipping Danny Welbeck in the process and both players walking away with no problems.

A moment afterwards, the Brighton man loses his footing and falls to the ground, getting back up immediately and going to move back into his position.

That is to say; Robbo didn’t foul Welbeck, the striker didn’t dive to the ground, the match officials just got it wrong…yet again.

Take a look at the video below:

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  1. VAR is an instrument used by a cartel to manipulate the outcome of a football match. Apart from goal line technology, every other decisions should be taken manually ie by the refrees. Football isn’t an electronic game. VAR is only good for arcade games. Am beginning to hate football because of var. I am sure am not the only one feeling this way.

    1. The ONLY way to clear up VAR offside decisions would be for every football boot to have a censor in, so you can tell WHEN the ball has left the kicker.
      Otherwise VAR just GUESSES when it’s actually left the boot, so can adjust the lines to how they want it

    2. true speaking my friend there is no true meaning of the game of football in its totality, it is a electronic game from the looks of things

  2. The VAR penalty decision was a joke. I have lost interest in the PL matches as the excitement has been killed by technology.

  3. VAR i thought was 2 assist the lincemen for offsides they might miss which could influence the outcome of a football game,but it seem 2 me it’s bn misued by the English football association 2 influence certain matches especially this season it seem 2 me they target Liverpool football is a contact sports not every challenge is a foul how can you award a penalty for the welbeck incident when Robbo’s intention was 2 clear the ball in front of him, welbeck stuck his foot in it should have bn a foul the other way round it’s not like welbeck had the ball n robbo made the challenge this is ridiculous, again the play went on normally for a few seconds y call it back wen de players hv moved on with it

  4. The subjective nature of some of the VAR decisions has created room for the cartel to manipulate the outcome of matches.

  5. I am not sure what is so mysterious about the whole thing !
    EPL is using PGMOL to punish Klopp and Liverpool for their leadership in this revolution of clubs and players over league.
    Kevin Friend was waiting for anything to spot a kick. This is why Robo was trying to clear the ball.
    If anything you see in this clip, you can see that Robo was impeded by when he was kicking the ball.

  6. Ever since it got introduced I have tried to state that the technology isn’t wrong, but that the mistakes are done by the humans who use it, just like human errors alway have been apart of refereeing. I have like many believed that VAR is for the benefit of the game, but I’m starting to reconsider. The standard of some referees is obviously so poor that giving them another tool than their own human sensed just makes it worse, and in some cases totally embarrassing. There’s got to be something fundamentally wrong with some refs and the FA counsil that approve them.

  7. this var thing is totally killing football its like u are playng video game…fuck u all who introduce this shit..liverpool was supose to win yestarday but because u are jelous u make them draw

  8. In the past few games VAR ruled against Liverpool costing them as many points. EVerton,Ason Villa,Man Citty and now Brighton. It seems Shocking VAR decisions will decide the league winners and who relegates. It is not contributing to enhancing the game.

  9. It doesn’t matter whatever the reasons you people think is behind VAR and it’s odd decisions. A penalty was given and the match ended 1-1. Move on. It happens.

    I’m a Liverpool fan, and it is what it is, don’t mind about what could have been because it is what it is. 1-1.

    Quit moaning. Get over it.

  10. are you serious? do you prefer this vid over that vid contains clear kick by robbo? omg you are deluded. you really dont want to agree that was clear kick. im liverpool fan too but var is really working. welbecks body reaction is out of the subject. just take a breath and look for next game dont be delusional. im trying stay away from our turkish football bullsh.. but that sh.. find me on that english portal

  11. Lol I think we all know this is the FA being as corrupt as always. First, they probably hate the fact a socialist revolutionary club like lfc is so successful. Second, they never wanted var, they liked the murky, unaccountable ,open to interpretation refs decisions of old. That was how FA controlled the out comes of its games. This may sound like heavy duty conspiracy theory buts its not that far fetched s its been going on for ages. But due to calls for transparency in-game FA were forced to implement a system like this but the FA decided to make such a mess and mockery of it that everyone would soon be yelling to take it away. Classic reverse psychology. And its working, everyone hates it and wants it gone. Their is nothing wrong with var, it get every decision 100 percent right because a machine can’t lie. Its the HUMANS interpretation of what they see is whats wrong and that is what the FA wants to disguise the human errors as machine error. Toes offside, arm, hair, offside done on purpose with instructions from FA, “make it complicated as possible”

  12. The lovely game we like to watch and the quality and skills the players provide is being tarnished by Technology. I have to issue with VAR unless it is used in the right way. The referee and his assistants are the one who make decisions on the pitch and VAR should be the last resort. I have seen decisions given against Liverpool this season which is absolutely diabolical. Golf is a contact sport and there was minimal contact between Andy and Danny welbeck to warrant a penalty. There are other issues with referee and teams??.

  13. Where is the clear and obvious error by the referee here?
    Robertson moves to clear the ball, and is impeded by a lunge from Welbeck. If there is a foull, it’s by Welbeck on Robertson.

  14. Look! Now that EPL & EFA have seen the partial VAR can be and how detoriating bringing into football, what step is EPL/EFA will be doing stop all this?
    Because all the excitement and ephorial in football is going down. My plea to EPL/ EFA is to sit down on this Brighton liverpool match and give back the points to lipool. Thanks.

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