(Photos) Model reconstruction suggests VAR got Salah offside call wrong

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A recreation of Ben White’s positioning in VAR’s offside call on Mo Salah during the Brighton stalemate at the weekend, has further called into question the legitimacy of the decision.

The model, created in the MagicPoser app, closely analysed whether VAR was right to use White’s right boot as the offside line.

As you may have already guessed, the model demonstrates that the line favoured by those in the VAR Hub at Stockley Park is more than a little skewed – have a look at the pictures below (via Reddit):

As can be observed from the first reconstruction, it would appear that the line should have been moved from the right boot to the player’s left shoulder.

Even if we assume that the Brighton defender’s right leg was stretched far across his body as he angled towards goal, it would seem a highly unnatural position, to say the least, for White to have his right boot planted past his left shoulder.

While that may be impossible for the referee on the pitch to discern, it highlights the difficulty for VAR in demonstrating a ‘clear and obvious’ error.

Hopefully there won’t be as many contentious calls in tonight’s Champions League fixture, as Liverpool host Ajax in the group stage at Anfield.

VAR aside, we’re looking forward to what we imagine will be another exciting affair under the Anfield lights.

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  1. I believe that by now everyone who loves football will be seeing various as the curse of football. To say the least, I am getting fed up with the game I grew up to be adicted to all because of var. Apart from controlling and manipulating the outcome of the football match, var is good for nothing.

  2. I love the game it was more entertaining when it was left to the referee to make the decision now var controls the game and it has become boring it should be such that only if the ref is unsure of a decision then only he should ask var to intervene bottom line the ref should be in charge as before

  3. I do think tht some decision through var should b overturned iif its wrong by a panel of judges even if game is over

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