Klopp’s brilliant line on VAR is hilarious as faceless officials ruin yet another game

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‘It took too long and it was really cold,’ said Jurgen Klopp, when asked about the intervention of VAR tonight v FC Midtjylland.

The second-half was decimated by referees who ended up adding over ten minutes of injury time onto the 45 – after three goals in which they couldn’t work out what happened.

The first was a weird offside, the second was a weird offside, and the third was a weird offside that ended up being a weird handball.

Klopp admits that while he was once an advocate of VAR, he no longer is – which is how we all feel.

It doesn’t make you an idiot to change your mind after fresh experiences and new information, it makes you sensible!

It doesn’t really matter – tonight was a nothing game – but why does it have to be so unenjoyable nowadays?!

Shouldn’t we be allowed to enjoy football without hating every 90 minutes because of this faceless intervention?

After all – our team is really, really good. Imagine what it’s like for those who support rubbish ones now.

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  1. Infantino said VAR wa introduced to “protect the referees”. Well this guy was incompetent and VAR just made it worse. Supporters need to make our voice heard and make football authorities see sense and get rid.

  2. Someone ( maybe one of the ex players who have been saying VAR should be scrapped ) should get a petition going either on facebook or some other media, asking fans whether they would keep it or bin it? Some of the football managers are now saying it should go, a lot of the players are saying they dont like it and i’m sure if the public were given a voice it would be overwhelming to scrap VAR. I used to love watching football but am getting to the stage where i would rather eat glass.

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