(Video) Slow-Mo clip shows what really happened with Mane/Minamino incident

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In a clip that has surfaced on Twitter, it would appear that the VAR call to deny Taki Minamino’s late winner was correct in noting that Sadio Mane’s hand had come into contact with the ball.

With the game locked at 1-1, Minamino looked to have found the answer for Liverpool, only for it to be ruled out once more by old foe, VAR, for a handball by Mane.

The handball-award was quite bizarre to witness, with matters further confused by BT Sport’s initial unwillingness to reshow the incident in question.

Upon further inspection, it would appear that VAR got the decision spot-on for once, as the clip below demonstrates.

Though, it will come as little reprieve for Liverpool fans who will undoubtedly feel cheated once again by the technology, which has rarely been the club’s friend this season.

You can catch the clip of the handball here:

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  1. See this is why VAR ties itself in knots for this to be handball you have to accept that Mane deliberately headed the ball onto his own hand in order to get the ball to drop to Mini for him to score which is clearly nonsense but that is the reason it will never work well because we have played since day one with Subjectivity was he trying to gain an advantage No was he doing it deliberately No so a raf would allow the goal to stand in trying to make things binory black or white you end up with these stupid incidents that take an age to sort out no one in the ground can understand it and you are ruling out what everyone has come to see and that is goals and you make the came less euphoric emotional as a result

    1. Hit the nail on the head there. Why on earth would Mane deliberately go for his own hand and risk the ball potentially rebounding elsewhere? If it isn’t ‘clear and obvious’ then it should be allowed.

  2. Are you telling me that this was a ‘ clear and obvious error ‘ Var needs sorting before fans start turning their backs on football.

    1. Oh not by far. Sadly, VAR has been rather consistent on the front of ‘clear and obvious’. As far as I’m concerned, it was ‘technically’ the right decision (though it looked completely accidental on Mane’s part). But if you have to forensically analyse to the point of it being a scientific decision, it’s not worth it.

  3. Intention no longer plays a part in the decision. The right call like it or not. Much bigger an issue was what seemed like a clear offside for their penalty and subsequent goal.

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