(Images) Liverpool fans infuriated by BT Sport commentator’s clueless Klopp tweet

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Ian Darke’s tweet, questioning Jurgen Klopp’s decision to not use any of his subs in Liverpool’s 2-1 victory over Tottenham mid-week, was met with a furious reaction from Reds fans.

Paul Gorst of the Echo was joined by many supporters, who took to Twitter to call out Darke on his ill-thought-out statement.

The commentator’s thoughts on the matter don’t seem to have at all taken into account the reasoning behind Klopp’s rare decision to not make a substitution.

Of course, it is only the latest attempt to manipulate the German’s words and misrepresent his intentions.

Those who can see the matter beyond their tribalistic allegiances, will know that Klopp’s concerns about the current three-sub rule genuinely revolves around player safety – it’s not (we repeat, it’s not) an attempt to gain an advantage.

Sadly, it appears that the Premier League will continue to stubbornly resistant adopting a measure that has been taken up in every other European league.

It’s fortunate that we have a coach who knows exactly how to manage his players amidst the festive schedule, despite the limiting rules in place, though we can only hope that the more resistant clubs eventually look to take into account player safety.

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  1. All these people who have commented have all missed Darkes point… for weeks and weeks Jurgen has been complaining that all premiership sides should get to make 5 subs in any particular game.
    What Darke is getting at is why did Klopp moan and moan and moan about something that he then proves he can make it work with no subs… so why do we need an increase to 5 subs if against one of the Top 5 teams you use no subs in the game

  2. Some journalists are fans of our rival clubs who cannot accept that our coach Jurgen Klopp is the best in the the world , 2nd year running named FIFA’S best coach of the year WOW ! It indicates that our club will dominate club football in years to come and it also proves that Jurgen will prove that if he coaches any international team he will win the World Cup in his 1st attempt.

  3. He made it work in one game and in a game against one of our biggest rivals for the title it’s games like Saturdays where we are comfortable that he wants to have the extra subs do he can give players some extra rest and extra subs wouldn’t have changed the result Saturday but more players would have had a bit more of a rest

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