(Image) West Brom equaliser allowed to stand with VAR ignoring foul on Fabinho

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Semi Ajayi’s equaliser for West Brom was not reviewed by VAR, despite the 27-year-old having had to climb over Fabinho to reach the ball.

While Liverpool’s play may have earned such a wake-up call, it’s remarkable that the officials didn’t have an ounce of interest in the incident.

Had Fabinho been the kind of player to drop to the turf screaming bloody murder, you have to wonder whether VAR would have taken the potential foul more seriously.

What on earth is the point of the technology, if not to review incidents like this?

You can see the image below:


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  1. Yes no foul. Neither was it a foul when o’shea did a brilliant tackle on your Liverpool bloke. VAR has took so many points off us this season and red carded three players.

  2. VAR has opened the gates to match fixing. The implementation of the new off-side rule is going to lead to a serious injury.

  3. So was the bear hug on Mane; if that was not a penalty, I do not know what is. Both VAR and the referee were to blame as the ref was just some metres away.

  4. Unfortunately when Klopp called out VAR and the officials they where bound to take umbrage and give us nothing for all eternity.

  5. I had to laugh [and sympathise] at this. My God, we have been at the wrong end of SIX VAR decisions and one in our favour. And that’s without all the incidents not looked at, exactly like the one above, so let’s all agree referees interpretations of VAR incidents is flawed and wrecking the game.

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