Liverpool’s genius Nike deal means Mbappe signing would pay large chunks of itself

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Liverpool’s interest in Kylian Mbappe is real and something the club will try to make happen in the summer of 2021 – come the end of this season.

This is according to Spanish outlet AS, who cleverly note that the mammoth deal we signed with Nike could effectively help make the transfer dream a reality.

Liverpool’s arrangement with our shirt sponsors means 20% of every piece of LFC merchandise sold goes back to the club.

Mbappe’s arrival would send global merchandise through the roof – perhaps like no other potential signing bar Lionel Messi.

If Liverpool sold one million Mbappe shirts, at around £75 a go, that would equate to £15m – which would hopefully cover his wages for a year!

It’s not something that could be considered imminent, and our pressing concern right now is to win the Premier League title with what we have – but a summer chasing the world’s next best player could be a mighty exciting one!

Mbappe’s deal expires in 2022, so PSG know they have to cash in this summer coming.

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  1. Would he be good at pressing? I doubt the guy could hack Klopp’s demands. He doesn’t seem too interested in tracking back with PSG either, then again somebody has to keep Naymar company.

  2. This in pretty unlikely, the club will not lay out a ridiculous amount for any player. The fact Haarland might be a better fit at less that half the price means that’s much more likely and desirable. Mbappe has always stated his desire to go to Real and his love of Zidane, unless Zidane departs before t(e summer he’s not going anywhere else.

    Is useful to push this though, if nothing else it will drive up the price Real have to pay PSG and making their pips squeak is good for a laugh.

  3. I don’t understand why this is limited to Mbappe. The headline and picture sort of insinuated that it had to do with some personal deal Mbappe had with Nike. This is a great deal for any high-profile signing, such as Haaland, Sancho, or Heskey.

  4. I think Klopp should make a quick move for Earling Haaland.And then,go for Mbappe at next transfer window

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