(Video) Thiago’s roulette just before full-time sums up no.6’s technical ability

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We’ve written a lot about Thiago’s performance last night, which we understand is probably over egging the pudding considering it was 45 minutes against an Aston Villa U23 side – but some of the stuff he did is difficult to ignore!

In his role, a controlling midfielder who can break lines with incisive passes, we don’t think there’s a better player in the world.

Now, it’s up to Jurgen Klopp to utilise him and our attackers to adapt themselves to his ability to find them. Really, players like Sadio Mane and Mo Salah should absolutely thrive off Thiago’s potential for through-balls or scoops over the top.

This little moment at the death yesterday was terrific – Thiago completed a roulette, before pinging the ball out wide and starting an attack.

Let’s hope he can replicate under much more pressure next weekend against Manchester United.


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