(Video) Wow: Everton U23 sent off for absolute horror-tackle v Liverpool last night

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It’s like it’s trained into them from a young age!

The last time Liverpool faced Everton, both Virgil van Dijk and Thiago picked up long-lasting, nasty injuries from reckless challenges that we’re sad to say have essentially defined our season.

Everton fans will get pleasure in that, but that says more about them than it does about us.

Last night, the U23s faced each other, playing out a 1-1 draw at Southport FC’s Haig Avenue.

But the talking point came in the 86th minute when Katia Kouyate scythed Elijah Dixon-Bonner and was sent off for it.

We’re very glad our youngster got out the way of it, as if his leg had been planted, his season would be over.

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  1. Good tackle that, it’s seems the rioters have forgotten some of the tackles, Stevie Me did. Stop blaming Everton for your crumbling season.

  2. Still can`t understand the moans from Liverpoo when the big Dyke got a whole year off work on full pay and never even thanked our poor goalie……..

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