FSG have not ruled out the possibility of investing in another club

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Liverpool’s owners have reportedly not given up on the possibility of expanding their portfolio of investments, though it is unlikely that FSG will pursue ownership opportunities with other football clubs as of yet.

The company, which also owns the Boston Red Sox in the USA, had attempted to raise funds last month by selling part of the business to Billy Beane’s Redball, however the move is currently on hold.

“A new investment elsewhere is not close but one in the future was not ruled out altogether. Ultimately, FSG remains a growth orientated company and Liverpool’s owners are open minded about the possibilities,” Simon Hughes wrote for The Athletic“Currently, they relate to the landscape around them shifting. A pandemic means clubs across Europe are short of cash and available for knockdown prices, just as Liverpool once were in the aftermath of the global financial crisis.”

The model of multiple-club ownership has been around for some time in football – from Red Bull to the City Group.

Were FSG to implement a similar strategy with Liverpool, the Reds would be able to benefit from an opportunity to hand their most promising talent regular minutes at a sibling club.

Any highly-rated prospects that were developed could theoretically make the ‘jump up’ to Anfield with greater ease than most transfers, with the club also being able to take advantage of the partner side’s scouting network.

It’s an arrangement that would undoubtedly have a greater number of benefits for us than the club we’re connected with; nonetheless, taking into account RB Salzburg’s domestic success, it’s not a completely one-way relationship.

As the climate of football continues to evolve, Liverpool and the ownership – similarly to the way Jurgen Klopp approaches each new season – will be forced to change with the times to keep successful.

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