Shock Horror: PMGOL labels VAR decision for Leicester offside goal correct

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The PMGOL has labelled VAR Stuart Atwell’s decision to award Leicester City’s equaliser on Saturday as the right one.

This is according to Dale Johnson of ESPN, who has explained their answer in detail.

Daniel Amartey looked yards offside, and the line drawn from him didn’t appear to be anywhere near the furthest forward – combined with the fact the line drawn on Roberto Firmino’s boot was very hard to understand, too.

That, and the idea the frame was stopped at the wrong time made Jurgen Klopp and everyone connected with Liverpool furious post-game.

The PMGOL may claim this is down to camera angles and perspective, but have you ever seen a VAR decision where a line cuts through a players limb, as it did with Amartey?

It’s never happened – it is always measured from the part of the body visibly furthest forward…

It’s just utter nonsense and the sooner they do away with it the better. It’s ruining football and along with injuries, is part of the season our Premier League season has been ruined as well.

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  1. VAR has costs Liverpool alots this season enough than anyother team in the world. they are always ready to costs problem for Liverpool they are novice when it’s comes to making correct decisions

  2. It’s supposed to be for clear & obvious errors. If you have to draw lines on the pitch, when you don’t even know the exact time the ball was kicked, it can’t be clear & obvious so the on field decision should stand. Follow cricket & rugby league’s example,
    If we don’t know to the millisecond when the ball was kicked, why should we judge to the millimetre?

    1. Same goes for the penalty decision 2 mins before this then and the on field decision should stand. Make your mind up

    2. Neither was it clear and obvious that they should have overturned the Referee’s decision to award the penalty prior to this incident. You can’t have it both ways!

  3. No matter where the line is drawn on Amarteys arm Firmino’s foot is still playing him onside. He’s level at the worst and you can still be level. They are also missing the point the penalty awarded there is no clear and obvious error from the camera angles used that it wasn’t on the line either. Finally Amartey doesn’t. In addition they lost 3-1 not 2-1. Leicester have scored 15 goals (the most) in the last 15 mins. No credit

  4. Sad to see such a great game of football loose its ,intensity ,unpredictability and beauty that captures the minds of billions of people all over the world, by drawing geometric lines as we are inn the business of building bridges or railway lines, and not just enjoying a game! Common English FA get back to your senses and don’t robb us our fantastic game by unduly looking looking for precision where it doesn’t count. I would rather be approximately right and enjoy my passionate game of football than being ‘precisely wrong’ by measuring inches and make the number 1 game of all sports,at least for me, dull ,time consuming and boring.

  5. Why do we make things so complicated, var should only be used for offsides which should be feet only to save confusion, penalty decisions to see if it was inside or outside the box and off the ball incidents that the referee has missed everything else should come down to the referee himself it will make the game far better

  6. Even with Liverpools poor form they would be second at least if it wasn’t for harsh decisions gone against them. Yes Liverpool collapsed against Leicester but when your in poor form and lacking in confidence, the last thing you need is decisions like this going against you. There is no way he was onside.

  7. Get over it ! Liverpool were soundly beaten in the end.
    Allison double save from Barnes and pushing Vardy rebound onto the post was world class and hasn’t been mentioned!

  8. You are missing my point. All I’m saying is that if there is not a clear & obvious error, they should go with the officials decison on the pitch. That can apply to the penalty as well. I wasn’t really making an incident specific point. In cricket they have Umpire’s call and in rugby league the referee indicates what he thinks before it goes upstairs. VAR is a mess, for all clubs.

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