(Video) Dodgy Man Utd penalty call exemplifies Premier League inconsistency

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Manchester United were awarded a dodgy penalty as the Red Devils cruised to a 3-1 victory over Newcastle in the Premier League.

Striker Marcus Rashford hit the deck in dramatic fashion after seemingly no contact from the defending player.

The point of this article isn’t to dig out United for their abnormal number of spot-kicks this season, but to raise a question of inconsistency in the Premier League – be that the way decisions fall or how they’re covered in the media.

BBC reporter Simon Stone laughably described Rashford’s simulation as an ‘elaborate fall’ on Twitter, which was made fun of in the caption of the below video clip.

Whereas Mo Salah, for example, went to ground with little resistance in the Merseyside Derby and it was immediately dubbed a “dive” by Sky Sports’ commentary team before even watching a replay.

Pictures via NCB.

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  1. No question – that is cheating!!! That and the faking of injury and screaming when tackled is killing football. VAR that was supposed to sort out the problems is only adding to them. Whatever happened to the rule that was supposed to sort out the cheaters in retrospect – I have only seen it used once – and that was on a League 2 player. The big team players get away with it every week. The standard of refereeing in this country is abysmal anyway but quest for trophies by any means is not helping.

  2. Alot of bias, Mo Salah against Everton Digne was a clear foul which was not even checked by the VAR

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