Mourinho drove players to utter boredom before Liverpool game – report

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Liverpool aren’t the only team in a crisis right now.

Jose Mourinho’s Spurs are in a similar position, and they haven’t got injuries to use as an excuse…

It’s funny to think that in December, our clash with Spurs at Anfield was branded a title-decider!

We beat them then, and we beat them at the Tottenham Stadium in January, too – although our great performance that night was an anomaly given what’s happened since.

According to the Athletic, the Spurs players were actually bored by the training methods Mourinho used before the game – spending hours on throw-ins.

“At times, some players have grown bored and frustrated with how much time Mourinho will focus on one particular aspect of the game — hours spent working on how to defend throw-ins when they are preparing to face Liverpool, for example, or on perfecting attacking crosses from deep positions before playing West Ham United. One source said the players are at risk of a “tactical overload”” the article says.

Liverpool’s videos of the training videos at Kirkby show a team united and having fun – although we don’t get to see much past the warmup rondos and the odd shooting drill.

We hope Jurgen Klopp is willing to make a tactical change for Sheffield United this weekend.

What we’re currently doing – dominating possession and playing a high-line – simply isn’t working. We don’t have the players in defence and midfield to make it work – and two thirds of the frontline is woefully out of form.

Perhaps Sheffield United is a bad time to start, but we’d like to see Liverpool drop a little deeper and allow our opponents more of the ball – so we can play in the transition stage much more.

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