Clubs encouraged to clap refs onto field in new ‘Give Ref a Hand’ campaign

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The standard of refereeing this season at Premier League level has, in our minds, been the worst we’ve ever seen.

The introduction of VAR has just added another level of prolonged idiocy and confusion to proceedings – and simply created more frustration for fans and players alike.

Yet, we also understand the job refs have is a very, very tough one – especially at grassroots level where there is much more threat of violence and nastiness towards the man in the middle from the players and those in close proximity.

A charity has announced its ‘Give The Ref A Hand’ campaign, in which it will encourage players to clap the ref onto the field at grassroots level – with the hope it will eventually make its way to the elite level.

We’re not against this – it’s a good idea.

The issue of refereeing at the top level though is not about this and instead about the bizarre and differing interpretation of strange new laws.

At the beginning of this season, handballs were being given for anything that hit an arm in the box – like Joe Gomez’s v Manchester City – but now, they’re simply not – like Gini Wijnaldum’s v Southampton.

The rules changed halfway through a campaign and nobody was told about it. Farcical.

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  1. When we get foreign officials in to officiate the Premier League. The sooner the better. Too many agendas going on in my eyes, rule for one team, rule for another, so blatant tbh. YNWA

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