Henderson’s initial reaction when he realised he’d picked up a nasty injury

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We’ve just read a piece by Oliver Kay in the Athletic that explains how Jordan Henderson might possibly miss the rest of the season if his groin injury is as problematic as feared.

We’ll find out in the next week if it’ll be six weeks or longer. Either option is bad, but if it’s six weeks at least he might be back for the latter stages of the Champions League or a top four push – although we recognise we’re being incredibly optimistic on both counts.

According to Kay, “In the agonising moments after injury struck in the Merseyside derby on Saturday evening, those who were within earshot of Jordan Henderson are convinced they heard him yell, “You’re joking”.”

We can almost hear it in his Sunderland accent, to be fair.

The skipper has been exceptional for two and a half years and his absence will be felt, especially considering leaders like Virgil van Dijk and James Milner are also absent.

Versus Everton, Gini Wijnaldum captained us upon Hendo’s exit – and the Dutchman is a quiet player who is leaving in the summer anyway…

We’ve been packed with leaders from back to front previously, but now they looks scarce.

Liverpool face Sheffield United away on Sunday night, but we’re not at all confident – which says a lot about the state of the team right now.