(Video) Everton fan uses S*n newspaper to gloat about beating Liverpool

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No real Everton fan, with proper connections to the city, would ever do this – so it’s not a reflection on the club or the vast majority – just this idiot.

The lad in the video below, who seems to be from Ireland judging by his accent, made a TikTok video showing how ‘petty’ he is – in which he turns over the S*n newspaper to the sports section so everyone can see the back-page – with full understanding of the connotations involved.

It’s childish nonsense, but this is a grown man who’s using the fact Liverpool fans hate the rag, because of the manner in which it lied about the deaths of 96 of our fans, as a weapon.

What a cretin, eh?


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  1. Sad as it is nearly as bad as donkey dunk and his comment,s . Okay they had a good win against a poor LFC team . So l think we should send them a big photo of are trophy room so’ they can put it up in their dressing room.

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