(Video) Klopp discusses Liverpool title parade in summer 2021 with restrictions lifted in June

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With the COVID-19 restrictions hopefully lifted this summer from June 21 onwards, Jurgen Klopp was today asked about whether the club would hold its promised parade for last season’s title.

The boss has always maintained it will happen once it is safe to do so, but when in Friday’s press-conference, was a little dubious as to whether 600,000 people would be allowed to line the streets so soon…

You can watch his comments in the video below.

It’s a tricky one. There’ll be many Reds who won’t feel like celebrating if this season peters out in the manner in which it is threatening to – and rivals who will bathe in the glory of a Liverpool parade after a hypothetical 7th placed finish.

But you know what? Screw them! We waited 30 years for a feeling and party that was taken away from us, so rivals can say what they want. If it’s possible – let’s do it. You only live once, and all that. Klopp and the players deserve it, too.