Liverpool stakeholder LeBron James calls out Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s nonsense: ‘I do my homework’

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NBA legend and Liverpool stakeholder LeBron James is currently in a feud with Zlatan Ibrahimovic, after the former Manchester United striker criticised him for expressing his opinion publicly in non-sporting matters.

Watch Zlatan sending for LeBron, first, here:

Now watch LeBron’s response:

We ask Zlatan, imagine if his former team-mate Marcus Rashford had decided to stay out of anything political – and simply focus on his football?

Would that have made him a better man? Would that have been an example Rashford using his position of power and privilege to affect positive change?

The Swede is an idiot. End of.

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  1. Utter idiot. Another clown who would prefer going back to jim crow days. Given his background he should be no talking such nonsense.

  2. Nope. He’s not an idiot just just because you disagree with him. He makes a valid point. And Le Bron needs to come down from the ivory tower when he does his homework.

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