(Video) Wow – Sky Sports peddle Dias>Van Dijk nonsense and it’s excruciating to watch

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Ruben Dias has had a wonderful season and we can honestly say as Liverpool fans that signing him last summer would have been a masterstroke.

But when when players do well so they have to automatically be compared with legends…?

Virgil van Dijk came into Liverpool and transformed one of the worst defensive teams around into Premier League and Champions League winners – he narrowly missed out on the ballon D’or to Lionel Messi as a result and is pretty much universally regarded as the best centre-back in the business.

Yet Sky Sports have encouraged a City fan to go on a long rant about why Dias is superior…

He literally walked into a team that has £50m players in every position, both on the field and on the bench – and has had either £50m John Stones or £60m Aymeric Laporte beside him.

Yes, he’s done well – but City would have won the title with or without him. He’s great, but he’s not van Dijk, is he?

If you need evidence – look at the league table. We’re in sixth.

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  1. As a City fan I agree. Different gravy as they say. VVD is far superior in the air for starters and his pressence is reassuring due to his stature. Ruben Dias leads through great communication and direction and whilst a good header of the ball, by his very size he is not as clinical. Both are great players that offer their team a unique commodity.

  2. They’re wrong, Diaz is far better than Klipperty Klopps Van Diik, the world witness witnessed how Liverpool was helped to win the league title and champions league with the help of countless controversial Var calls that were ludicrous, what? do you seriously think that none of us noticed? The entire reason Liverpool are so bad this season isn’t because of Van Diik being injured, even Klipperty Klopp realised that this season Liverpool are not being awarded controversial penalties like last season, instead he went in to media meltdown about Man United getting all the help instead. Look at you now, so you’re trying to tell us this catastrophic collapse is all down to 1 bang average defender. Last season Manchester City were missing more key players and still didn’t drop out of top four, now you’re telling us you’re a one man team lol. When Manchester City win anything it won’t be down to being helped by corrupt officials and sorting bodies. Diaz is so much better than Van Diik.

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