Journalist can’t believe ridiculous VAR offside call for Jota’s elbow

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It’s groundhog day yet again for Liverpool as VAR (the technological equivalent of a tropical storm coming specifically to ruin your holiday abroad) strikes again to kill the fun of football.

Those wielding the technology somehow both believably and unbelievably ruled out a late equaliser from Diogo Jota, after the Portuguese’s elbow was judged to be over the ever-changing lines.

It was a moment that left many of us perplexed, banging our heads against the wall and rueing the creation of football’s great, dark overseer; a similar theme portrayed by Sunday Times journalist Jonathan Northcroft’s tweet below.

‘Scrapping’ is too kind of a word for what VAR deserves; total and utter obliteration comes closer but not close enough for the kind of treatment the technology warrants – just get rid of it.

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At this point, few would argue for those at Stockley Park to keep their vigil over the Premier League.

No matter how bad the standard of officiating is in the Premier League, we’ve no doubt any poll to the masses would come back with the same answer: we’d rather have ill-suited referees making a judgement call than the microscope officiating we’ve had to endure for far too long.

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