‘Disgrace’ ‘Definition of greed’ – Liverpool fans react to European Super League news

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The news of Liverpool’s inclusion among the five ‘top six’ clubs in England supporting plans for a breakaway European Super League has left much of the fanbase in a state of shock.

Many supporters took to the Twittersphere with the verbal equivalent of pitchforks and torches to lambast the club’s involvement.

According to a recent report from The Times, the new competition would theoretically come into play for the 2023/24 season.

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Liverpool crashed out of the Champions League after failing to make up the deficit sustained in Madrid.

Though, should UEFA hold to their threats, there’s a strong likelihood that Liverpool, among other involved parties, could be banned from future Champions League campaigns.

Part of the reason why fans are so enamoured with Europe’s current top-tier competition is very much to do with that 11-letter word: ‘competition’.

If we were to do away with the current format and allow elite sides to battle it out on a weekly basis without having to effectively earn the right to face club football’s best, let alone qualify to do so, the whole basis of what makes European matchups great crumbles.

The formation of a European Super League, as far as we’re concerned, would effectively involve shoving ‘competition’ under the rug, drowning it in napalm, and setting the whole thing alight in a great fiery blitz to commemorate the death of the sport.

You can catch some of the fan reaction below:

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  1. If it happens-IF- then clubs involved must be banned from domestic competiion.0ver the long term Premier league will be fine. As for the so called european super league dont think will last long.. DIdnt we play this lot last week ? Reply-Nah the week before. Playing them again week after next ! Massive crowds. Soon be a man and =not sure if the dog would bother turning up !

  2. Utter greed j w Henry needs to be accountable this is Liverpool football club it belongs to the fans if it’s money he’s after sell the club to someone who wants to be a part of our history and not to make a quick buck ynwa

  3. Sickened by this whole development, even more sickened by the fact that Liverpool decided to join in. As a lifelong supporter of Liverpool I am feeling betrayed and I fully I support any punishment for these 6 clubs for the arrogance and indifference that they showed.

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