European Super League threat ‘leverage’ to secure new Champions League terms, says The Athletic editor

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Plans to form a European Super League are merely an attempt to gain leverage against UEFA, according to The Athletic’s editor-in-chief, Alex Kay-Jelski.

The claim follows reports of plans supported by members of the Premier League’s ‘top six’ to bring about a breakaway league filled with Europe’s elite clubs.

Having ourselves burst into a frothing rage over the prospect of Liverpool being a part of the proposals, it’s a view that does make a certain amount of sense.

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On the other hand, we’d be foolish to not ask the big what if: what if the proposed plans aren’t simply a well-disguised (or poorly, depending on your point of view) manoeuvre designed to force UEFA into submission?

However we feel about the legitimacy of the threat facing football – make no mistake: it’s a considerable one – our response cannot change.

It must continue to be universally critiqued and damned; the promise of riches beyond measure must be poorly balanced against the potential loss of something that football, in whatever form, cannot survive without – the fans.

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  1. I’m a bit confused how the formation of a European Super League will mean the loss of fans? I can recall the formation of the Premier League having that effect, in fact it was quite the opposite.

  2. What’s klopp going to say about all this? Seems a pretty dangerous bluff to try and play. The statement they have put out seems pretty genuine. It’s a league instead of the champions league for the mid week. Best teams in Europe play each other constantly. Where s the thrill of the upset, the comebacks? It all feels soulless.

    I guess we need more facts, but right now I’m saddened by this and gutted our club is so heavily involved. I’ve been fans of FSG, but they can definitely walk alone on this.

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