UEFA could kick Liverpool & 11 other clubs out of the Champions League – report

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UEFA could kick a total of 12 clubs – including six-time winners Liverpool – out of future Champions League tournaments because of a potential breakaway ‘super league’, which is being talked up in the media.

As initially reported by the Times, the Reds are one of a dozen European giants putting together plans to launch a new competition in time for the start of the 2023/24 season.

Other clubs include fellow Premier League sides Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Spurs, as well as the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus and Milan.

Liverpool have won European football’s biggest honour a record six times

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Italian outlet Gazzetta dello Sport, via GFFN, state the European clubs involved could be excluded from future iterations of the Champions League by UEFA.

If true, it’s an interesting tactic by European football’s governing body to threaten the clubs reportedly conspiring to leave their biggest tournament by in-turn threatening to kick them out.

Hopefully – and the following is entirely speculation on our part – this is just a scare-tactic by the elite clubs to kick UEFA into shape, as the thought of a new breakaway tournament leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

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  1. Born and bred Scouser and a supporter for 50 years, this stinks. I always thought that the club i.e. owners and supporters had a belief that unity is strength. However, for these Yanks money and only money talks. I want my team competing on merit and no other basis. I have just renewed my season ticket but for what I wonder?

  2. Creating a super league is what FSG are all about as are others who want this. This greed is disgusting and is killing the game I love. If it happens I will not be supporting my much loved club as painful as that is to do to me. Sad day in football.

  3. This is a direct result of greed which has stemmed from FIFA and UEFA through their greed and corruption. Paying sky high and senseless transfer fees have added to this sorry state. Fans demanding the best players (which normally involves high transfer figure and enormous wages) also contribute to the chaos being proposed. The owners involved are no longer in the game because it is their local club and just for the love of it. This is what happens when you take a much loved sport and turn it into the business it has become. This was to be expected with the development of the Premier League whose aim was to develop an elite league to generate more income. it is no different to what is being currently being proposed but at a much higher level. When the Premier League was developed, i=I didn’t hear any discerning concern for the rest of the Football League. Fans need to really consider what is important to them, Football as a sport or a well-run business as a Club. You cannot have both because if you choose the latter, the former will collapse. Be careful what you wish for!

  4. The premier league and uefa only care about losing money, the sport has been second best for years, the clubs are just part of a franchise and sold their souls years ago

  5. So happy to see UEFA join forces with the FA, PL and a string of federations to put an end to this attempt at destroying footy as we know it.

    Ashamed of our owners. My belief and support of this club hangs in the balance.

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