Carragher blasts PM after weighing in on Super League news: “You crucified Liverpool supporters after Hillsborough”

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Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher has taken aim at Boris Johnson, after the UK Prime Minister weighed in on the meteoric ‘super league’ news.

For those unaware, the Reds are one of several major European football clubs conspiring to start a breakaway tournament, which in practice could see the end of the Champions League.

Supporters of clubs all over have been reacted to the news – including our own – and the general consensus is the proposal is a bad idea that only benefits the elite.

Johnson has spoken out on the topic, saying that he’ll block plans for the ‘super league’, but Carragher has told him in no uncertain terms to stay out of it, citing a time when a magazine edited by the PM “crucified Liverpool supporters after Hillsborough“.

Take a look at the tweet below.

Jamie Carragher is an avid supporter of grassroots and non-league football

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Football fans – of whom are predominantly left-wing – should be weary of politicians in the coming weeks, as they’ll likely see the ‘super league’ controversy as an opportunity to win over voters. They’re not your friends.

Should the breakaway tournament actually go ahead, Liverpool will likely see a significant commercial boost, but they’d have to sell their souls first to get onto that lucrative pedestal, going against the club’s civic roots.

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