UEFA want to strip Liverpool of Champions League titles for Super League involvement – report

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Liverpool are one of several European clubs planning to start a new ‘Super League’, which could replace the Champions League.

In a statement on the Reds’ website last night, the reigning Premier League champions confirmed their part in the proposed breakaway tournament, alongside the likes of Manchester United, Real Madrid and Juventus.

Bundesliga journalist Chris Williams took to Twitter this morning to reveal he’s made contact with UEFA and they are seething with the plans, and want to strip involved clubs of their Champions League and Europa League titles.

Take a look at the tweet below.


With six titles, Liverpool are one of the most decorated Champions League clubs of all time

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As one of the key founding clubs, Liverpool could be in line for a cash injection of around £305million if they do indeed join the ‘super league’ for the pencilled in 2023 start date, as reported by the Times.

Hopefully – and the following is entirely speculation – this is all simply a scare-tactic by the elite to kick football’s governing bodies into gear, as the thought of a new breakaway tournament leaves a sour taste in the mouth and the reported threats by UEFA are worrying.

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  1. Lol….so let’s get this straight. Fans of football throught the uk are in uproar as are the FA, pundits, even the PM because of a breakaway super league. Oh the hypocrisy is deafening. The biggest or at least loudest one is Gary Neville. If Salford city were offered a place at the table he’d be their poster guy for this whole thing. I
    Where were his objections when he was earning a fantastic wage from the greedy, capitalistic, corrupted. Y money EPL!!! Yes and we have his fellow hypocrites the great English FA. They’ve spent this whole year punishing liverpool for the earlier project big picture through unfair VAR decisions and refusing to punish any opponents even when they injure our lads. The FA are the root cause of this. About 30nyears ago they got greedy and revamped a perfectly fine 4 division system. Why? MORE MONEY THATS WHY! Then they allowed all these billionaires and “dirty” foreign money from human rights abusing countries to take over the game. The FA are the ones who sold their souls and all the fans down the river for some golden coins. Now they are screaming because the wolf they let into the henhouse is turning on them as well. Make no mistake if the English fa, Eufaula, etc were offered a place at the table and a huge slice they would be be banging on about how we have to evolve and make footy better for the fans. They are just angry at being left out. They don’t care about the fans any more than these evil billionaires. Do I back this league? No. Its not right…but then the EPL was never right either. I want more equitable distribution of wealth, players, among clubs, fans and teams. No more galactico teams buying up everyone. I want the old 4 divisions back. I want the fa’s rubbish treatment of lfc to stop. I want players to stop earning these wages of 400000 plus a week when fans can’t afford a house or to eat sometimes…I’m I going to get any of these wishes? No? OK then ill take the super league, thanks.

  2. I thought it was disgraceful enough that the statement on our website included quotes from Joel Glazer as a means to justify this cash cow of a competition. I can’t in any way support this and if it strips us of our titles I’ll never forgive FSG and the money men at the club. It should be a reward on merit to be playing Europe’s best clubs, not a given right every season.

  3. Since football is politics and money game this days, Liverpool needs the money first. Politically, it will be sorted out when time comes. Besides who does not know that Liverpool has won 6 Champions League titles? It will be a shame on EUFA to even strip any club of the titles they practically won all because they make a new choice. Are the clubs slaves?

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