All six English clubs pull out of European Super League – competition cancelled amidst backlash

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We’re hearing from strong sources that the English clubs will all pull out of the European Super League.

The story is moving rapidly, but the deck of cards is collapsing one by one and it now looks like only a matter of time before an official statement.

Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester City have already gone, and Liverpool will follow suit with the project seemingly dead in the water following the incredible backlash it received since Sunday’s announcement.

Sources say the whole project will be dead in the water before the week is up – following threat of expulsion from UEFA and domestic competitions – and also the fan response.

Manchester United chairman Ed Woodward has resigned, as has Juventus honcho Andrea Agnelli and we wouldn’t be surprised to others now follow suit.

Rumours we have not substantiated have claimed the Glazers and FSG will now look to sell up, but we haven’t heard anything on this yet.

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  1. So very grateful to the ‘legacy fans’ and ‘future fans’ up and down the country that have made there voices heard to the monopolising and franchising of our beloved game. But truthfully the whole ESL idea wouldn’t have worked out, at least, if as suggested, for the league to commence sometime in August. We are just easing out of an pandemic in the UK, thankfully, but who knows when this will end, with monthly discoveries of more variants on there way, in the UK and across Europe. Even now players are still being restricted and confined. Countries and cities across Europe have there own distinctive Covid protocols in place, you just have to witness the travel restrictions that were in place during the champions league games and games played on neutral grounds. So, logistically speaking, not sure how the ESL teams will be able to play across the continent, and for that matter across the world, and avoid the Covid isolation protocols and still manage to travel back to there own respective countries in time to play on the weekend ? A logistical nightmare for fans and teams alike, if this had ever came to fruition. Thankfully it hasn’t.

  2. The first bit of sanity since the Brexit vote. Now if only the Brits could have a second vote on Brexit and soundly defeat it then the world may be on track to return to some degree of normality.
    PS is that a tumbril I hear coming for the Drumpf Crime Family

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