‘Nobody can leave…’ Liverpool cannot legally exit European Super League; Contract is Binding

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These comments from Real Madrid president Florentino Perez are incredible.

He has come out loudly and publicly on the European Super League – and is quite unapologetic in the courage of his convictions.

At least he isn’t in hiding, like JW Henry and the rest of FSG, we guess.

According to Perez, Liverpool and other clubs who put pen to paper, cannot now not play in the ESL.

He also wants the competition to start in just a few months’ time – and has slammed UEFA’s new proposal for an enhanced Champions League – which in fairness, we agree is also reprehensible.

You can read the quotes in the tweets below from Fabrizio Romano:

It doesn’t feel real just yet, but it is.

And from what Perez says, there doesn’t sound like much going back from it, either.

Now, we have to wait and see just how horrible this fallout is. Will we even be allowed to play in Europe next season? Will we be allowed to play in the Premier League?

What on earth is happening?

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  1. If he’s right then that’s the end of football as we know it. 100 + years down the drain.
    Lifelong Liverpool supporter . 1st game had Billy Liddell at centre forward – but that’s it. No European Super League for me and I hope we are kicked out of the Premier League – It’s only what the yanks deserve.

  2. Yes this super league should not happen 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 players should strike and supporters should stay away

  3. This is just a re run of the formation of the Premier league…same objections same TV money grab.
    It is just the next step on from what premier league and uefa started, somewhat hypocritical of them to object…you reap what you sow

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