Super League will have Salary Cap & refs will wear body mics, as Americanisation of football peaks

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A big report in MARCA has explained some of the plans for the new European Super League.

There’ll be a salary cap, but 55% of potential revenue, given the likely potential revenue once the ESL starts, is not going to make players any poorer!

Refs will also wear body mics, NFL-style, as translated by Transfer News Live in the below tweet:

Former Liverpool defender Dejan Lovren hit the nail on the head, with this tweet, too:

It’s going to happen. This isn’t a power play, anymore. The battle-lines have been drawn and the likes of UEFA and Sky Sports will be petrified their cash-cow will now be milked elsewhere.

It’s greed versus greed, but the victim are the fans.

Florentino Perez has even stated that he wants the competition to start this August…

Strap yourselves in, it’s going to get messy.