(Video) Klopp and Neville fight it out as LFC Boss calls FSG ‘great people’

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Jurgen Klopp has been thrown under a bus by FSG.

They remain silent on Liverpool’s involvement in the European Super League, while he, who had nothing to do with it, has to field the questions and the insane criticism that is coming our way.

How is that fair?

But it sums up the Americans for what they are: cowards.

Klopp became annoyed by Gary Neville last night on Monday Night Football, which to be honest, is exactly what Sky Sports would have wanted for their self-serving attack.

Below, you can see Klopp’s initial anger at Neville calling out ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone,’ and then the pundit’s studio response.



We’re not sure Klopp has read the room especially well to be declaring FSG as ‘great people’ right now, but none of this is his fault.

And although he’s doing so on Sky Sports, who in many ways have stolen the game from working-class people themselves, Neville makes some fair points.

The whole thing just stinks and is making us extraordinarily sad.

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  1. I hope when all this initial anger dies down there is some sensible debate.Let these super league people have their say and let’s see some figures.What matters is what the teams in the lower leagues get out of this the ones who need the money the most.Let’s have some serious debate and perhaps accept tha some form of change is inevitable but not at the cost of the fans or the premise league.

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