Clubs could consider changing ownership models to German 50+1 system, suggests Fjortoft

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Renowned journalist Jan Aage Fjortoft has said that clubs could look at the German 50+1 ownership model to implement change.

The suggestion follows near-universal backlash issued against plans to implement a breakaway European Super League.

Though Liverpool owner John W. Henry posted what appeared to be a remorseful apology, it’s undeniable that faith in FSG has been utterly compromised.

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The previous comments of CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke in 2016 eerily reflect how the modern fan is treated in English football – particularly in the Premier League.

“The German spectator traditionally has close ties with his club,” Borussia Dortmund CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke said. “And if he gets the feeling that he’s no longer regarded as a fan but instead as a customer, we’ll have a problem.”

With the English game in crisis, perhaps the time is indeed ripe to implement a new model of ownership and kickstart the return of fans to the table of decision-makers.

Giving fans a majority in voting rights seems like an absolute no-brainer, especially given how well the clubs are run in the Bundesliga, with ticket prices kept down and fan attendance averages ever-soaring.

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