Juventus chairman says ESL will make football more like Call of Duty and Fortnite

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Is this a simulation we’re living in? IS IT?! It must be… 

Juventus chairman Andrea Agnelli, one of the driving forces in the very quickly disbanding European Super League, has explained how his idea for the new competition would make it more like Call of Duty, FIFA and Fortnite.

It’s like what the PDC had to do to darts, or the various 20/20 competitions in cricket, but football is not a game that needs switching up to attract more people – it’s football!

The system needs fixing, but not by Americanising it and withdrawing jeopardy from fixtures – that’s not what it is or ever has been.

Why does everything have to change to be more in line with the latest trend? You don’t change the recipe for a Spag Bol. You eat it if you like it, or don’t if you don’t. That’s ok. Some young people won’t like football. Many will. Who cares?

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