Liverpool fan offers pro-FSG argument on Reddit following ESL controversy

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Liverpool fans were in uproar following news of FSG’s unsanctioned involvement of the club in talks to form a breakaway Super League comprised of Europe’s elite outfits.

The united outpouring of anger against the owners responsible for driving the top six Premier League sides into dangerous territory led to the dismantling of plans, with many Reds understandably furious at John W. Henry and co.

One fan on Reddit, however, threw in their two cents on the matter, deciding to remind fans of all the good the American owners have done during their tenure.

“The Super League proposal was a disastrous mistake. After that mistake, Henry became the only owner to fully and publicly acknowledge that mistake and the harm that his actions did to the club, and to Jürgen and the boys individually,” as written by u/marco_esquandolas.

“What else has this guy and his ownership group done for Liverpool?

“This is not the first mistake he and FSG have made. It will not be the last.

“But to just wave away the contribution that he and FSG have made to the club as a result of this mistake is, to my mind, extremely short-sighted.”

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The Red in question mentioned everything from FSG’s revival of the side from the threat of administration, transforming us into European, world, and domestic champions in the space of a decade, to the building of a world class training facility.

Rattling off the owners’ achievements one by one demonstrates that we’ve genuinely a lot to be thankful for, particularly compared to how some of our competitors are run.

That being said, it’s hard to overlook so many blatant mistakes that go against the core values of the club, from overpricing tickets to their latest money-grabbing venture with the European Super League.

If the path to redemption hasn’t been blasted into smithereens by FSG’s careless decision-making, the road will be particularly long and winding for the Americans.

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  1. I totally agree with this Fan, I’ve accepted the apology and the fact John has come out publicly and made his apology just goes to show what a great person he is, Liverpool fans (myself included) do have a hell of a lot to be thankful for, now you need to show John and FSG what kind of people we are and accept that he made a mistake and move on, let us do our job of getting behind the boys and supporting the club we love.

  2. Let’s us all come together and forge on, you cannot throw away the baby with the birth water. Let’s give FSG another chance. YNWA.

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