New Champions League format could see 6th placed PL team qualify for CL and 5th placed go to Europa League

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The European Super League will not happen right now – not in its current format – anyway.

But make no mistake, the fight is not over. Football still needs saving and UEFA, who are now parading themselves as the good guys, are anything but.

Their revamped Champions League format, which will come into fruition in 2024, is horrific – could feasibly see the team that finishes sixth in the Premier League qualify with the team in fifth only making the Europa League.

This is down to a biased coefficient rule aimed at giving the biggest clubs leeway for bad seasons.

The new competition will see clubs play game, after game, after game.

The quality will be diluted by the incessant need for more football on television. It’s ruined this season, as injuries to Liverpool’s stars proves.

Jurgen Klopp will despise the new plans, but as fans, we’ve proven things can change through protest.

Super League, finished. Onto the next one. Let’s not stop here.