‘Ring leaders’ Liverpool must now be treated differently, say Sky Sports

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Sky Sports honcho Kaveh Solhekol has claimed three English clubs pushed the European Super League and should be judged differently to those who followed.

The journalist says the American-owned teams, Liverpool, Manchester United and Arsenal, were the organisers and the drivers, while Manchester City, Spurs and Chelsea signed up to avoid being left behind.

“Now, I would differentiate between some of these breakaway clubs,” Solhekol said.

“Because I think some of them jumped on board this train to nowhere at the last minute. 

The ring leaders, make no mistake, were the American-owned clubs. I am thinking of Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal. 

“You could say have a bit of sympathy for Chelsea, Manchester City and Spurs because they decided to join at the last minute because they thought ‘our rivals are setting up this league and this is something we have to be part of. This is the future.’ They admit that they made a mistake.”

Surely everyone should be ultimately responsible for their own actions, in this? Are the oil-billionaires at Stamford Bridge and the Etihad not capable of making their own decisions?

JW Henry, our owner, issued a strong apology this morning, as the fallout continues.

Many will suggest his actions speak louder than his words, and we’d accept they have a point.

The situation is now complicated. UEFA are no heroes in all of this. Nor are FIFA. There are strong arguments for changing the format of club football – just not by setting up a financially rigged closed shop.

Maybe we have a version of this already, without name.


  1. what a load of shite (they signed up because they did not want 2 be left behind) all clubs knew actually what they where signing up for do not tell me they went in2 it blind … there all business men and woman and they all looked in2 all avenues before they agreed ,,so fuck off with your bullshit

  2. This is scapegoating LFC. Let’s be straight about this, all the Clubs were in it together and had months of meeting and planning this whole sorry saga. so to say that Man City, Arsenal and Spurs joined at the last minute is not factually true. They didn’t just hear about it last week and decided at the last minute to join. Each owner new beforehand the Risk and Reward and all parties are equally to blame.

    1. I agree, all of these teams knew what they were doing and it was all about making money. Football teams especially from the bigger leagues are a business and are taking it away from the fans. I agree that clubs need to make a revenue but there is too much greed. I think that we need to look at other things as well because I believe players wages are too high as well and because of this it creates a financial burden on clubs. I’m so glad that this super league malarkey is not going ahead as it would’ve destroyed football as we know it. It’s time now that fans stick together and beat these bullying rich businessmen who know nothing about football. Fans forever! We will not be beaten!!!

  3. SKYSPORTS – You hypocrites!!!! You have always treated LFC differently. Get off your “holier than thou” high horse. You do what the ESL did for money as well. You use the beautiful game to boost your own finances, so do not act as if you are so innocent. Take stock of your own housekeeping before becoming so belligerent!!!

  4. SKY & talkSPORT are parasites who knew their business model would implode if their broadcasting rights became toilet paper, they spew propaganda to whip up the natives………they are total filth.

  5. Who the hell is Kaveh Solhekol? Sky too full of themselves and hate the fact Bt and streaming services given some of the games to broadcast.

  6. I’m sick of it being referred to as ‘the clubs’. It’s not the clubs, but the owners.

    The clubs, and any club, are the fans, the players, the manager, coaches and employees.

    No one who mattered at any of the 6 Premier League clubs had the slightest knowledge, nevermind involvement.

    Stop tarring the innocents who matter with the same dirt as the guilty.

    It’s about time we had some insightful, adult reporting, not dumbed down over simplifications.

  7. £1 to watch your team play a match on ESL or £30 to watch a few of there matches on Sky per month. Easy to see why large TV conglomerates would not want the ESL or any version of it that reduces ther monopoly.

  8. Why should supporters of those clubs be punished. The supporters are the ones who have forced this plan to fail. The Spanish and Italian clubs needed this ESL to allow their insane funding methods to continue. The six EPL clubs owners just saw £££££ .The fans have spoken the owners now know what our game means to the fans. LESSON LEARNED. IT BELONGS TO THE FANS . YOU ARE PRIVILEGED TO OWN A CLUB FOR A SHORT PERIOD OF HISTORY. THE FOUNDATIONS OF THE CLUBS BELONG TO THE FANS FOREVER. A CLUB IS NOTHING WITHOUT FANS. YNWA.

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