(Video) JW Henry statement: ‘I want to apologise to Jurgen…’ ‘This is nobody’s fault but ours’

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Liverpool owner JW Henry has broken his silence on the European Super League and released an apology to fans worldwide.

Notably, he has said sorry to Jurgen Klopp for the position he put Liverpool’s manager in – throwing him in front of the cameras to answer questions on the ESL without any prior knowledge or involvement.

The statement, is in fairness, a good one. But the apologies from FSG usually are. We should perhaps start judging them by their actions, or at least their attempted ones, a little more.

We’re not sure this is going to wash with Reds short or long-term.

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  1. If you believe that you will believe anything. If the bloke had thought that the supporters were important he wouldn’t have signed us up to this sleezy club in the first place. He is only sorry his attempt to make even more millions fell apart. FSG have no credibility, they need to consder their position and look for somebdy else to lead OUR club. We as supporters need to be an important part of running what is our heritage. Shares and place on the board.

    1. Common give the guy a break !!!
      you want the best plays in the world to play for liverpool fc.
      you expect the club to sign them
      and you demand the owners to pay for them.
      when they are signing all those partenership deals with other goups, you happy and approve … more money, more major signings .
      for once the owner struck a deal that aimed to raise a lot of money for the club, a very unpopular deal and suddenly they became villains ,putting a shame on the club, must leae …. enough with the hypocrisy !!!!
      The man was wrong and apologized for that, move on …

  2. FSG was the one that brought us out of bankruptcy and made all the decisions over the years that won us the Champions League and EPL. All this with minimal debt unlike what other clubs are in and this was done with a sensible manner. we have the stadium upgrade and a new training ground. Look at the bid picture and not let a few mistakes take center stage. They are business men too and need to look at the bottom line for the good of the club.

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