Didi Hamann thinks JW Henry’s apology was a joke

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Former Liverpool midfielder Didi Hamann has labelled the apology JW Henry delivered yesterday morning as ‘worse than if he said nothing,’ via Twitter.

The FSG honcho released a video message amidst the backlash, asking for the forgiveness of Jurgen Klopp and the fans – before taking sole responsibility for the mistakes made during the European Super League fiasco.

We disagree with Hamann, and actually think his apology was quite a good one – certainly in comparison to the other Big Six clubs who also tried to join the ESL.

But the mistake is not in the apology, it’s in the action in the first place – it’s in the failure, yet again, to consult fans and people close to the club before making huge decisions.

Under Henry’s leadership, it’s happened time and time again.

In 2016, he vowed to listen more after the fallout from FSG’s attempted ticket hike, but he hasn’t listened to anyone.

The motives, in some respect, were admirable – they wanted to sustain Liverpool financially long-term – but at the expense of the rest of the food chain – which is horrible.

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  1. You mean they couldn’t compete against richer clubs realising the couldn’t do this as a buisness …….. and they are downright greedy venture capitalists.
    Now this project hasn’t worked Henry knew anything anything less than his personal abject apology would damage their prospects of rinsing the club going forward.
    That speec was scripted and choreographed by a communication team, don’t be fooled!

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