Florentino Perez tried to zing Klopp with comment during his Super League explanation

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Real Madrid honcho Florentino Perez is a little bit, ‘old man shouting at clouds,’ right now.

He’s not giving up on his European Super League dream and is refusing to back down – giving repeated interviews and coming out with increasingly bizarre statements.

In a big talk last night with Spanish TV, he claimed nobody has officially left the ESL because they haven’t paid the penalty fees in order to do so…

He also randomly delivered a jibe on Jurgen Klopp’s complaints about playing our Champions League quarterfinal with Real Madrid at their training ground, as you can see in the tweet below:

We’re not sure you really need to be picking any battles right now, Florentino!

In fairness, Klopp won’t take the bait – why would he? He’s a man of character and not somebody who’s tried his best to ruin football and create a closed-shop for the next 23 seasons.

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