Journalist reminds every Liverpool fan of FSG’s fake altruism

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We’ve been banging this drum for a few days, so we’re glad someone else has shared the opinion, too.

Daniel Storey, who we like very much, has explained how FSG and JW Henry’s apology for their entrance into the European Super League would mean more if it wasn’t the latest in a long line of money grabbing attempts that undermine the club’s values.

Check out his tweets, below:

Remember, from his offices in Boston, JW Henry tried to trademark the name of the city!

That is preposterous, isn’t it!?

Part of us understands his gripe… He thinks he can sell 100 million pay-per-views of every Liverpool game, worldwide, at £2 a pop and make £200m TV money every weekend. And he wants money to compete with Manchester City and Chelsea – who have unlimited wealth.

It’s this basic maths that has spurred on an attempt to monetise his asset, but at what cost?

And where do we go now? Clearly, FSG are not to be trusted, but what billionaire is? Is there a Liverpool fan with our values totally at heart who also happens to be able to bankroll £100m transfers?

We don’t think so. So we either sell up to another version of FSG, or perhaps more smartly, start trying to change the system which led to this breakaway attempt in the first place.

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