Owners of one of the Premier League’s ‘big six’ considers putting club up for sale – report

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The owners of one of the Premier League’s so-called ‘big six’ is considering putting their club up for sale.

That’s according to Sky Sports journalist Kaveh Solhekol, who claims the owners of Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City or Tottenham Hotspur are ‘close to throwing in the towel’.

There is presently no further information on Solhekol’s claims, but – and we may be reading a little too into this – it’s interesting that he said the owner is close to putting ‘his‘ club up for sale.

It somewhat implies the owner in question is operating solo, which would take FSG out of the equation, as John W. Henry is just Liverpool’s principle owner – but that’s purely speculation based on language used in a 24-word social media post!

John W. Henry has come under fierce criticism in recent days

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The ownership of several of the ‘big six’ clubs has come under scrutiny after the collapse of the European Super League, which now consists of only Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Manchester United supporters took to Carrington training ground this morning to protest against the Glazers – and it’s expected fans of other sides could follow their example.

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  1. Yet more fake news. The journalist has managed to work out his odds of getting one correct call is 6/1 which is a dam sight better than average.

  2. I understand why. Because supporters (or at least the noisy militant group of supporters who think they speak for us all) oppose everything. They seem opposed to the idea of the club trying to make a profit as if it’s part of social services. They have to make a profit to invest in the team, the squad, new contracts. And they are right to look beyond the restrictive practices of the premier league, uefa and fifa. Sure, if you support eg Brentford, and you get promoted to the premier league then a large part of that is the excitement to play liverpool, city, chelsea, arsenal, united, i get that. But its not reciprocal. Theres no excitement – after fifty years following liverpool – to go to west brom, burnley or middlesbrough. We get that excitement about bayern, barca, real and milan, so yes that is where i would want us to be playing and not within the uefa tournament whereby uefa get rich on the backs of clubs like ours, piling on more and more matches, with less interesting opponents and more group matches and dead rubbers.

  3. He gets worse as stories unfold. It was in the news weeks ago Daniel Levy is selling up. Solhekol is piggybacking off an old speculation and putting two together. Claiming he is the storybreaker.

  4. Owners have to pass the ‘fit and proper owner’ scrutiny before purchasing go-ahead is given, surely the scrutiny should be on-going, and it would therefore be great if all six sets were forced to sell-up rather than penalise the clubs in any way.

    It wasn’t the fans, players or managers and coaching staff who had any hand in any of this, so no punishment should fall on or affect them in any way.

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